A Little About Me

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, and printmaker, located about thirty minutes from San Francisco.

I am chronically curious. I love exploring and finding a new route; be it literally in my neighborhood and beyond, or looking for a different way of solving a creative problem.

I’m a bit of a creative chameleon. I have successfully worked for companies with narrow branding parameters. I’ve also had the opportunity to explore a wider range of creative approaches for some of my other clients. My design and illustrations are not limited to just one style.

I’ve worked with creative agencies, in-house art departments, and worked as a freelancer, designing and illustrating for a diverse array of clients. I’m experienced in package design, branding, collateral, promotional, advertising, tradeshow and web design.

I’m curious to learn more about your brand, your industry, and your customers. How can I help your company successfully market your brand and speak to your customers? With my expertise, we can work together to reach solutions that address your marketing challenges.